A-levels Beat Baccalaureate

Welsh Baccalaureate students less likely to reach top uni grades

Welsh Baccalaureate students less likely to get 2:1 or above, claims new Cardiff Uni study 

After slaving for two years at a Welsh Baccalaureate, students will be shocked to hear that a new Cardiff Uni study has shown that they are less likely to get a 2:1 or above at degree level compared to those who take A levels.

The Baccalaureate was introduced about ten years ago promising a more rounded education. But the research findings question how much it actually prepares students for University.

Regretting having taken the Bacc.

The Bacc. has its advantages. The study claims that students are more likely to get into Russell Group unis, such as Cardiff, which is obviously great. But when it doesn’t actually prepare you for the university standard, the credibility of the Bacc. is doubtful.

Taken by 70,000, the Welsh Bacc. has been claimed to be “detrimental” to a uni student’s academic progress. Researchers have recommended improvements across the system including the quality and difficulty of exams.

The Welsh Bacc. is seen to help lower achieving students the most, allowing them to gain a place in Universities which their A level grades would not allow.

Could this be you?

By falsely raising the hopes of thousands of Welsh students, is this a problem identified too late?