Asbestos contaminated tarantula on the loose

A large asbestos-infested tarantula is believed to be on the loose in Cardiff.

A large asbestos contaminated tarantula is thought to be spinning a web of destruction as it makes it way through Cardiff.

It was a normal Tuesday afternoon for asbestos removal experts Kuston Vorland, who were examining a 19th century house in Roath. Little did they know that what they found underneath a floorboard could be deadly.

Surveyor Katie Parsons-Young found the tarantula skin in a house just 1.5 miles from Cathays earlier this week.

“We had lighting in there so we moved the lighting to the other area of the attic where I was and could see there was something,” she said.

“I was the first in. I sort of saw a leg, screamed and went.”

Experts believe the spider is still on the prowl, and reckon it could be coated in asbestos.

If their suspicions turn out to be true, the tarantula could contain traces of cancerous mesothelioma.

And the bad news doesn’t end there. Cardiff Reptile Centre believe the Chilean rose tarantula could have doubled in size since shedding its skin.

Next time you’re tidying your room, be careful – you never know what you might find.