Rugby’s biggest loss since Shane Williams

Slorpe discusses CURFC 3rd XV’s first (and only) win of the season, whilst reflecting on what sport at uni can offer.

As the BUCS rugby season draws to a close, I am left in a rather undesirable position. I graduate at the end of this year, so this is my last season for CURFC and possibly the last rugby I’ll ever play.

After all, who really knows what I’ll be up to by the time the next rugby season rolls around? I could be working weekends, I could be travelling the world, I could be locked up in a Spanish jail cell because of Salou 2013.

I could be looking way cooler than this, doing something else.


And so my rugby career came to an end this week with one final away trip to Aberystwyth, where my 3rd XV were looking for that elusive win to break our season long losing streak. Somehow it wasn’t our best display this season, and yet we came away with a 15-13 victory. In a season where we’ve forgotten kit, taken extra kit from other teams, not booked pitches and turned up to the wrong grounds, this was a majestic moment of pure elation.

Asides from basking in the glory of a win, this last game has me thinking about everything that my time with CURFC has given me. I implore any member of an AU sports club to think about how different uni would be without that club.

For a start, rugby is the start of so many of the best stories and memories I have from uni. Initiation is a story which I won’t go into right now, but it’s also one that I’ll never forget. That being said, I have forgotten a solid 3 hour chunk of that night.

I’ll definitely still be doing this, just wearing something else.


Secondly, sporting achievements look pretty tidy on a CV from what I hear. And not to brag, but I’ve got a serious list of those. This season alone has been one for the history books, I’m the captain of the most unsuccessful 3rd XV in club history and I’ve never scored a single point in my entire rugby career. Who wouldn’t want to employ that?

And finally, the rugby club is my friendship base. Pretty much everyone I know is either met through the rugby club or met whilst pissed at The Lash on a social. My friend Laurie echoed this sentiment last Wednesday. He stood up in front of his entire squad and proudly declared “I’m a bit of a dick to be honest and if it wasn’t for you lot, I’d probably have no friends, so thanks.” CURFC, where even dicks can make friends. It brings a tear to your eye doesn’t it?

But I wouldn’t want to be doing this, with anybody else.


I guess what I’m trying to say is that being a member of an AU sports club is one of the best decisions anyone can make at uni. I hope everyone has as awesome a time being involved with their club as I’ve had with mine. If you’re still a part of Team Cardiff next year, I envy you, because retirement sucks.