How did you get home last night?

Well this is all just getting a little…yellow band!

We’ve all heard about the ‘booze bus’ that waits outside the union ready to pick up any worse for wear students, those students that are struggling to string a sentence together never find their way home.

Well now there’s something new! If you are unfortunate enough to find yourself relying on these services you will also wake up with your very own memorabilia to make sure you never forget the state you managed to get yourself into.

Any ideas?

Cardiff students union have introduced a new scheme to try and encourage responsible drinking behaviour, they intend to hand out a 1000 of these bright yellow wrist bands labelled with “how did you get home last night..?” to anyone that awkwardly finds themselves on the Student Safety Bus.

This is part of Cardiff Councils aim to rid Cardiff of its boozy city reputation and educate students about the dangers of getting themselves intoxicated and dangerously drunk. However there has been mixed reactions to this scheme.

There are fears that it may have both positive and negative effects upon the attitudes of students and the binge drinking culture.

So will this make you think twice before having a few to many Zwack Bombs..?


Never again


“OMG, that’s so embarrassing!! I will never ever get myself in that mess again…no one can ever know I got a YELLOW BAND!!!”


“HAHAHAHA, last night was out of control…I totally woke up with a yellow band on my wrist. It must have been a ridiculously crazy and wild night!”

So students of Cardiff what do you think… Is this a good or bad thing?

Let us know!