To blog or not to blog

Why pay money for magazines when there’s so much to read on the internet!

Most people think that if you want to work in fashion journalism, you have to be someone’s bitch for 10 years before you get anywhere. This might be true, but in the mean time you could still write about what you want, when you want on your own blog. Some people have a lot to say and just because it’s not written in a double page spread  of a Cosmopolitan magazine, doesn’t mean that it’s not interesting.

Two girls have bitten the bullet and gone for it. Vicky and Lauren run their own fashion blogs. Instead of paying £4 for a magazine when all your going to do is flick straight to the problem pages, take a look at what they’ve got to say.

Lauren Davies is a first year Journalism, Media and Cultural studies student at Cardiff University. Her blog has a lot of useful information about beauty and cosmetics. A lot of her posts include links to buy the products she mentions. Lauren also sells handmade jewellery which she describes as ‘small and sweet’, aww! So maybe wait until your bank balance isn’t looking so gloomy before you check out

From Lauren’s online shop, Mary Janett

Vicky is also a first year Journalism student and her blog may look all girly and cute, but there is substance behind all the pretty flowers.

Lots of Love, Me, is about lifestyle, fashion and opinion. With lots of opinion, but luckily for Vicky, her opinion is interesting. Vicky breaks up her ‘pro-woman’ rants with posts about her own clothes, accessories, and makeup, making the products she uses appeal to us! It’s safe to say Vicky has expensive taste though, and like Lauren, she includes links and information about all the stuff she uses. Maybe wait for the next installment of student loans before tempting yourself…

Must refrain from purchasing everything…

I told you it wasn’t just all girly!

Kudos to Vicky and Lauren. Their posts are lighthearted yet interesting, and they’ve avoided sounding majorly cringey because they aren’t taking themselves too seriously. These girls definitely deserve a follow!