Student Elections Breakdown

Who’s who and what are they selling?

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Had a few too many flyers in your face this week? Woken up with an unrecognisable stamp on your forehead? Welcome to election week! Fashion Editor Kirsty went on a hunt for the candidates to find out their ideas for improvement and more importantly, to inspect their outfits, and this is what she found…

Students’ Union President

Cari Davies – Keep Calm and Cari On

Spicing up the SU

Currently the AU President, Cari wants to make your student life easier by improving small issues such as not being able to pay my card in cafes despite the lack of cash points to lobbying the government to provide student loans for post-graduate study. Read Cari’s full manifesto here.

Also running for Students’ Union President is Tom PinnellClaire and Rolly Parton Robinson.


AU President

Alex ‘Controversial’ Crabbe

Getting his claws in

Alex aims to decrease the 60% of students that have not joined a sports club by bringing in free trial days, as well as promoting sports using Undod – the official AU Magazine that is very poorly publicized! For more of Alex’s ideas read his manifesto.

Running for AU President is also Laura ‘Don’t Frown’ Brown, Edore ‘The Fresh Prince’ Evuarherhe and Lozz Lightyear. So have a read of all their manifestos before you vote!


Societies and Campaigns

Barney ‘The Dinosaur’ Willis – ‘I love you! You’ll love me! Barney for Societies!’

The friendly dinosaur

Barney wants to aim to fully fund travelling expenses, get corporate sponsors for societies and create a bigger and better Freshers’ fayre than ever before to get more freshers involved in societies right at the beginning of the year. He even made his head gear himself. To read more about Barney’s ideas and get a look at his face click here.

The other candidates running for Societies and Campaigns are Becky Gardner, The Jesster, Elliot ‘Elly Bean’ Howells and Jon Morse.



Sian Howsen – Green Bean

Jumping about for welfare

Sian wants to introduce a rating system for letting agents and improve learning central by having a better search option and having lectures recorded and available on there for students to access. For all Sian’s ideas, read this.

The other candidates for Welfare are Teleri ‘The Fairy’ Williams, Helen of Troy, Glenn, Hayden, Harri and Willy Windsor.


Media and Marketing

Tom ‘Garden of’ Eden – Adam and Eve It!

Streaking for your votes

Tom wants to offer free advertising to sports teams and societies as one of many ways to help strengthen the link between students and their media representation. To view all his ideas, click here.

The other candidates running for Media and Marketing are GI Joe, Rhys Lightening, Ed Lecorgne, Tom Jones, Jack The Ripper and Luke Slade.


Heath Park Campus

Nick the Knight – Fighting for All Healthcare Students

Heath Park Campus’s answer to One Direction

Nick wants to create a fairer arrangement for healthcare students’ housing as they get unreasonable rates, more fairness in the location of placements and create more integration for healthcare students at the Heath Park Campus. His banjo-playing team mate will also be providing some great acoustic tracks throughout the week! Click here for his full manifesto.

The other candidate for the Heath Park Campus is Midget Gem.


LGBT+ Officer

Adam Duce – Vote DUCE for an Equal Score!

Trying to hit your votes

Adam aims to create a more integrated student population involving LGBT members, provide a confidential student advice service and be a strong support system for LGBT members. Read Adam’s full manifesto here.

Sarah Lynn is also running for LGBT Officer.


Students With Disabilities Officer

Rachel Louise – The Bees Knees

Buzzing for votes

Rachel wants to improve people’s perceptions of students disabilities and raise awareness of unseen disabilities and plans to work with RAG, Mental Health and SRSH. Her full manifesto is here.

The other candidate running for Students with Disabilities Officer is Nickolas Holbrook. 

These lot are not the only ones running, although everyone else was too busy to talk to us! So if you’ve got your favourites vote now before voting closes at 2pm on Thursday March 7.

Thanks to Bethan Phillips for the photographs!