Go Global: Boozy Beer Festival Is A Hit

Where eating is not cheating and the ‘neck and nominate’ continues

Last week saw Cardiff’s ‘Go Global’ week, with events happening all over the place to showcase the cultural diversity within our University’s community and societies.

The Beer Festival on Thursday night proved to be a particularly popular event with over 200 people, comprising students and general public, at any one time during the afternoon and evening.

With a menu upon entrance, festival-goers were given a wide variety of choice from ales, lagers, ciders and perries, each with their own percentage and sweetness ratings on the barrel. The event was relatively cheap too; for £1.40 you could get half a pint, or £1.60 would have bought you a more premium drink.


One pint, two pints, three pints, four…

As a one-off rule in the Union, eating was apparently not cheating in the Great Hall that day, because accompanying the beer was a range of foods from all over the world. Some were a mystery to the untraveled eye, while others were more favourably recognised as home comforts for the student consumer.

My hung over house mates concurred that the event was a hit and should definitely be something we see again. Keep your eyes peeled for more events like this, they come very highly recommended!