No I don’t want to work in Recruitment!

As Rob’s final deadline nears, he asks whether 3 years and £21,000 debt is worth a shit job

September 2010, I joined Cardiff University with the ambition of one day replacing Dermot O’Leary as the new host of Saturday night’s prime time TV show. For me it was a simple career choice being “Go to uni… Get the 2:1… And watch the job offers role in”.

However, 3 years later and I realise I was living in a fantasy world where dream jobs knocked at your door and Jimmy Savile and Oscar Pistorius were still ‘Top Lads’!

As a final year student I began my job hunt in January with optimism and expecting at least a £30k London job to be the end result. However quite soon I begun to realise that would not be the case and I would have to settle for something outside of my chosen career.

Recruitment was the one thing that kept cropping up! Now for me this was an instant No! for one reason being: At 18, my school was divided into 2 groups… Group A went to university (often via Koh Phangan) and Group B went straight into recruitment.

Group A… The Lash

Based entirely from Facebook stalking, I can conclude that Group A get 4 months holiday a year, play sport, have the opportunity to have a ‘messy one’ any night of the week but also have over £20k in debt and Group B maybe financially better off but they still live at home with Mum & Dad and rarely go out (apart from the scheduled university visit on the weekend)

The idea of racking up £21k in debt to do an 8:30am – 6:30pm job that I could have done at 18 does not sound appealing especially when part of your job entails helping graduates into the work place… Screw that!

Needless to say, my C.V is firmly in the Inbox of both Simon Cowell’s TV company and the BBC’s Talent Pool and until they offer me that prime time slot, I will not settle as a recruiter!

Group B… This guy works in recruitment