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Act One: Satisfying your desires

Who knew Tennesse Williams and Rihanna would agree on something?

A bit more information

Cardiff Drama Society Act One put on a performance of Tennesse Williams’ A Street Car Named Desire at the YMCA theatre last week, with the opening of the play last Wednesday pulling in pretty much a full house. Although a plot immersed with the serious issues of mental illness, domestic violence and rape – not making for a light hearted affair – the production still made for an entertaining evening.

Set in the house of Stanley and Stella, the play tells the story of Stella’s slightly mental sister Blanche who comes to stay after basically getting kicked out of her home town after being a bit of a hussy, and the decline of her mental health. Although Blanche is considered a bit of a looney, it seems however she’s the only one with a little sense when it comes to her sister’s violent husband Stan. Her sane sister on the other hand seems to adopt more of a Rihanna approach to the situation, overlooking her husbands volatile ways which ultimately helps lead to poor old Blanche’s ruin. I know so far the subject matter sounds a bit heavy, but some lighthearted comedy does pop up here and there.

Act One is entirely a student organization from the director to the lighting to those on stage and I’d urge all students to go at least once in their three years to enjoy the productions they put on. The acting was incredible, especially Hattie Lamb who plays the part of Blanche and Sam Bailey who plays Stan. They both put on a great show and the fact that Stan got more and more naked as the play progressed was definitely an added perk to the production.

So if your feeling cultural and you have £6 to spare, I would definitely recommend keeping yourself up to date with what Act One has to offer. It’s something a bit different to do of an evening and if A Street Car Named Desire is the standard at what Act One is to go by, you’re in for a very entertaining evening.

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