Dev is Back!

The Tab’s Agony Uncle is back to solve your biggest problems.

Dear Dev,
My boyfriend bought me a Tiffany necklace for Christmas and I know it was pretty expensive. W e haven’t been together that long, what do you think it means?

Well it could mean that he loves you desperately and wants to have three babies and a dog with you. But, more likely, as he’s a boy, it was the first thing that popped into his head and he decided that the financial sacrifice was preferable to hours of thought and research which could be spent playing fifa. He sounds minted though, stick it out.


Dear Dev,
I made the usual New Year’s resolutions, I’m trying to lose weight and work harder, but I’m finding it hard to stick to them. Any advice to keep me focussed?

The fact that you have ‘usual’ resolutions is worrying. You clearly lead a terrible existence. I can only recommend some form of boot camp. In terms of losing weight find a training partner, preferably one that will scream at you until you train hard enough. Working hard is down to you but it may well become easier with a healthier lifestyle. Try and choose a successful role model and use them for inspiration.


Dear Dev,
It’s my last year of university and I’m torn between enjoying myself and going out a lot and working hard to get a decent grade. What do you think I should do? 

It’s a difficult one. The choice really comes down to whether you want to have a ‘good’ time with other douche bags you’ll most likely never see again or actually have a chance of achieving something. I exaggerate, these days you can get a 2:1 with minimal work so do what you like, your degree means nothing…