Student Support: up to scratch?

We all always talk about how awesome Cardiff is, how much fun we’re all having and how we haven’t done enough work to see us through to next year… But […]

We all always talk about how awesome Cardiff is, how much fun we’re all having and how we haven’t done enough work to see us through to next year… But what happens things aren’t going so well?

Maybe you’re really are in the shit money-wise, or having serious issues with friends or relatives? Maybe you’re struggling with a mental health issue or simply need someone to talk to? We sent Tab reporter Kirsty Fardell out to explore what the Cardiff Student Support Centre can provide for you in your hour of need…

During Freshers week the Cardiff Student Support Centre sees on an average 250 students a day as well as providing support through phone and email. That’s a decent amount of students. So they must be doing something useful, right?

Throughout the year, the Centre say they are in contact with at least 1 in 5 students for a range of things, with many others receiving information from them. So it is fair to say that this massive quantity is a testament to their quality. So, what do they actually provide?

The Student Support Centre, located over on Park Place, offer sound advice and guidance on a whole catalogue of things, not just for students but applicants and parents too. Plus, if you’re having personal, financial or academic matters, they really can help you it seems. No point burying your head in the sand then, eh?

Student Support: located just down the road from the Main Building.

They can also help you with money matters, such as undergraduate funding and debt advice. Information on your second and third year housing can also easily be answered, whether you’re having problems in your house or having trouble with understanding certain aspects of it, they seem to have it all covered. Their guidance extends to your study troubles, employment tax, and specialist advice and support to those with a background in the care system.

SPACE4U is their student counselling drop in service, which you may need if an extenuating circumstance letter is needed or you’re desperate for urgent advice. It also offers interesting workshops for students to help to deal with the adversities in student life. What’s more, regular counselling sessions are available on a one-to-one basis or in groups; it seems they can help you if you’re in need.

If you’re scraping your wallet for pennies (as many of us do), then the Student Support Centre can help you to find ways of turning them into pounds. There may be bursaries or scholarships you are eligible for but have not found out about yet, and these people are the ones to find them. Maybe you’re just awful at money management… still, their team are able to help with budgeting and even getting emergency loans. Could be useful come Easter when the loan’s all gone and you’re out of pocket.

The Disability and Dyslexia service sees a lot of students through their door. They can offer valuable guidance to current students and applicants with disabilities, and even those who may feel they need testing for dyslexia or other specific learning disabilities.  They’re able to help with study skills and exam time extensions with support workers available. The Support Centre also has the ability to make sure the University provide adjustments to the learning environment where necessary.

For international students, there is help available when looking for a job, financial help, visas, transferring courses and even help adjusting to life in the UK.

So, if you feel like you could do with some extra help or advice then you can easily get in contact with the Student Support Centre, whether by dropping in to their office at 50 Park Place, making an appointment, phoning or emailing. They update their Facebook and Twitter (@cardiffunissc) with information too – so look out for that, or visit their website here.

It seems like they really can help with everything, so if you need them – they’re there for you, with everything covered.