Welsh applications fall

Ucas sees a fall in Welsh applications to uni… Read the full story.

The number of Welsh students applying for uni has dropped compared to last year, admissions service Ucas says.

Throughout the UK there was a 3.5% rise in the number of applications, but in Wales it was down by 2.7%.

However, Ucas have seen a rise in those wanting to attend Welsh universities from outside Wales.

Had there been a fall, many students feared a change in the Welsh government’s tuition fees policy for Welsh students. The Welsh government decided many years ago that they didn’t want Welsh students to have to pay the extra part of the tuition fees over £3,500.

It is hoped those sums would be offset by the number of students from outside Wales choosing to studying in Wales and paying the full tuition fees of up to £9,000 charged by some of the institutions, such as Cardiff.