Ever wondered what they really think?

The Tab asked guys what they really think about short skirts and boobs on a night out…


So girls, if you want to figure out what goes through a guy’s mind when they are out –  look no further. You take ages to get glammed up, you’re feeling confident after a couple of glasses of wine and you see that guy checking you out. Is he liking what he’s seeing? What does he REALLY think?


The Tab’s own, Jake, Alex and Sam, take a look at four girls’ pics and let us know their true thoughts.








Jake: I like what’s going on here, showing quite a bit of skin, a sexy wild side was clearly aimed to be unleashed on this particular night? Tiger? Got the black nails to work with the skirt too, little details go a long way 😉

Alex: Skirt is not too short, works nicely!

Sam: Top effort from a fellow JOMEC student here. We know what we’re doing.




Jake: HIDEOUS. I swear I saw this outfit in my neighbours bin after Halloween? On a slightly more serious note, a very nice look. I believe the rule is to show off one half more than the other with girls? Or something like that, you all clearly come with a manual. So that rule is being advocated very well here. Hair up suits this as well!

Alex: I like it, very different to all those schlags with dresses round their fannys; shows some skin without looking slutty!

Sam: I like the long skirt, real classy. I was looking for something similar when I did a cross-dressing social lately but they were all out of my size.



Jake: Showing off the figure well here – and a pretty decent tan as well! Real? Hmm. Don’t know why, but I like the long sleeves as well. Overall, decent choice!

Alex: Nice, I like it tight!

Sam: First thing’s first, classic pose! I see that on Facebook every Wednesday morning after Tuesday Revz. The dress is pukka too, showing off the hard work on the netball court are we?





Jake: Sporting a very elegant number here accompanied by a matching neutral coloured clutch 😉 yeah I know the lingo. I like how this dress could be worn on different occasions, suits a night out, or a fancy dinner date!

Alex: Can’t go wrong with a pretty dress.

Sam: Ahh this is cute isn’t it? I’m gonna try and sound like I know what I’m on about and say that the play colour accents her tan?




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