Cardiff’s summer of smut

You were away on holiday. They were getting dirty in your rooms.


While you were away enjoying yourself on an innocent family holiday this summer, it seems those who stayed behind at our great university were enjoying themselves in an altogether smuttier manner.

Summertime occupants of Cardiff halls accessed the world’s top ten porn websites hundreds of times a day during a two week period in August., blurred out for the good of your health

Figures obtained by The Tab under the Freedom of Information Act show guests accessed the x-rated sites 2335 times between 17-31 August. That’s 167 times a day.

The online destination of choice for cheeky residents was, a site that allows users to watch webcam ‘performers’ engaging in sex acts.

In last place with a mere 12 hits was The Tab will leave its contents to the reader’s imagination.

Leaving the security of a locked hallroom door did not stop people accessing the websites. Hits to the sites from internet connections on campus numbered 474., the least popular site

The figures tot up to a grand total of 2809 hits in two weeks, that’s nearly 201 a day.

The news comes after a similar investigation by The Tab in Nottingham showed professors and summertime guests ploughing through 1500 pages of porn every day. Based on industry estimates, the figure means there were 212 individual daily visits to the world’s biggest porn sites.

The Tab asked the university for figures on visits to the world’s top ten porn sites in July and August. Stats only exist for the last fortnight in August, so who knows what the monthly figure could be. . .


The stats over a two week period in August

Site Hits in halls Hits on campus Total 12 4 16 65 12 77 260 49 309 343 47 390 624 140 764 366 71 437 164 46 210 89 12 101 338 71 409 74 22 96