May Week: Tickets Left

Missed out in the frenzy to snap up tickets last term? Here the Presidents of May Week events with tickets still on sale tell you why theirs is the one you should attend.

“Protests Don’t Work”: Student Provokes Turmoil on TV

A Wolfson student provoked an intense backlash last week after appearing on 10 O’Clock Live claiming “Protests actually don’t work.”

May Ball Guide 2011

The Tab’s definitive guide to this year’s May Balls, now updated with ‘Hit’ and ‘Miss’ sections to help you choose your May Balls.

May Balls-Ups At Sidney, Christ’s And Trinity

Queues, the 4am lull and champagne headaches are a given, but some balls this May Week have been beset by problems other than the usual May Ball gripes.

Milo Yiannopoulos: Drama Queen

Our resident Drama Queen’s guide to what’s on in Week 2.

Review: Wolfson Howler

Some comedy revelations and the Rubenesque Ed Gamble perfectly complimented Alun Cochrane’s snort inducing set for SOPHIE BAUER

Review: Wolfson Howler

SOPHIE BAUER returned to Wolfson for a Howler with everything going for it, including an impromptu chat show.

Review: Wolfson Howler

The Wolfson Howler couldn’t have been better for SOPHIE BAUER, despite having her notes read aloud and mocked by the acerbic Ed Gamble.

Jesus and Wolfson win at Clare

Clare novices sees reversals in fortune from Queens’ Ergs

Review: Wolfson Howler

The Wolfson Howler returns with a diverse range of potential- some of it realised, some of it not.