week 5 blues

Feeling lonely? You’re not alone

If we aren’t careful, the Cambridge lifestyle can easily bully meaningful social contact out of the picture.

How I underestimated week five

They don’t call them the blues for nothing

How (not) to be college married

Spoiler: We’ve messed it up already

How to Survive Week Five

We don’t need no ‘reading week.’

You’ll never get Week 5 Blues as Bad as an English Student

The ‘Blues’ intensify into, at least, like a dark navy.

Actually, Week Two is the worst Cambridge week.

Taking down the Week Five myth, one day procrastinated away at a time.

Reflections on Week 5

A few thoughts

#Endweek5blues: Stop claiming you ‘represent’ me

The campaign that just won’t listen

Week 5 Blues: A reading week isn’t the answer

Finding the time to be ill

Can’t Stand Up For Falling Down

LEYLA HAMID and CHLOE COLEMAN get some perspective on life with this heavy but beautifully moving play.

Beat Week 5 With New Music

COSMO GODFREE gives his suggestions for new music refreshing enough to lift anyone’s blues.

Reasons to be Cheerful in Week 5

The dreaded week has struck, but POPPY MORRIS is at hand to give you reasons to turn that frown upside down.

A Britten Celebration

GABRIELLA FLATT is impressed by the sensitivity of King’s Britten Celebration.

Jonny Walker

JONNY WALKER talks week three blues, ventriloquism and Shameless in this week’s column.