CHILCOT: Cambridge notables at the centre of Iraq fiasco

Oxbridge educated elites screw everything up *again*

PUNT WARS: Battle of the barge poles

The next chapter in the Cambridge ‘Punt Wars’ saga has emerged, with human rights and civil liberties now being invoked.

Yoko Ono at the Union: 10 best quotes with translations

On Friday evening, the really lovely elderly widow of John Lennon came to the Cambridge Union and said lots of really lovely things

Review: war war brand war


Preview: The Last Post

OLIVIA BELL meets Henry Jenkinson (Composer/Co-writer) and Paige Thompson (Producer), who are preparing for The Last Post, a new musical set in 1939 in an English village on the precipice of war.

“Every man dies. Not every man lives”: Your Motivational Survival Guide

BETH SWORDS says stop your feeble-minded moaning and grow a pair. Be inspired.

Take Your Class War Elsewhere

Cärlchen Jupp on why Ian Bone’s protest is little more than a load of hot air.

No Punt Intended

The punt wars ceasefire has ended, and the conflict is more violent than ever.

War Horse

JAMIE MATHIESON sends Spielberg’s equine epic to the knacker’s yard.

Is TV The New Film?

HARRY SHUKMAN asks Band of Brothers and Pacific creator BRUCE MCKENNA why the small screen beats the silver screen.

Judging Books by their Covers (Round Two)

Can’t be arsed to read? DUNCAN STIBBARD HAWKES returns to tell you which Classics look best.

Review: As You Desire Me

Although it took a while to warm up this play might just sate your desire for intelligent theatre.