Varsity Boat Race

Six ways to recreate the Varsity Boat Race at home

Not able to be at the riverside? No worries, here’s how to recreate that Boat Race atmosphere in lockdown.

Blades Of Glory?

The Varsity Boat Race is mired in controversy for the second year running, as early reports suggest foul play.


LIVE text updates of the 159th Varsity Boat Race – GDBO!

The Boat Race 2013: Preview

Tab old hand HARDY CUBASCH returns with some final words before this afternoon’s crucial clash.

UPDATE: Cambridge Win The Boat Race – Full Report

UPDATE: A protestor’s blog has claimed responsibility for swimming into the Thames to disrupt the race.

Oxford Win The Boat Race

Oxford won the Boat Race this afternoon.

Varsity Calendar

JONNY SINGER gives you everything you need to know for the upcoming glut of Varsity Matches.

Where to Watch the Boat Race and Get Drunk After

The Tab’s pick of spots from which to catch the boat race action.