Latin graffiti spotted on luxury housing development

Vandalism Cambridge-style


Serious argy bhaji at Curry King as students and alumni fight in mass brawl.

No Punt Intended

The punt wars ceasefire has ended, and the conflict is more violent than ever.

Exclusive: Gyp Room Rampage Threatens Queens’ Bops

The future of bops at Queens’ is on the line after vandalism of gyp rooms during Halloween.

Cambridge Graffiti

CATHERINE MOUSDALE AND MAX FAYERS took to Cambridge’s streets and toilet cubicles – not in a weird way – in order to find some of the town’s most creative and bewildering graffiti.

Bops Are Back At Queens’

Bops are back as Queens’ Dean caves into pressure and lifts the ban on all non-academic events in College – follow all the updates HERE!

Royal Rumble

All non-academic related activities in Queens’ College have been indefinitely suspended following vandalism to college property last term.