UL To Archive Every UK Website…Ever!

Tweets, Facebook posts and billions of web pages will be forever preserved by the UL, as of today.

The Steubenville Apologists

KATIE ZINSER expresses sadness and disgust at certain responses to the Steubenville rape incident.

Owen Jones Snubs Union

Question Time regular Owen Jones turns down the chance to speak at the Cambridge Union.

Beard Bags Pin-Up Prize

Mary Beard has hit back at her critics by scooping a pin-up award.


A 3rd year at Fitz has become an overnight sensation on YouTube thanks to some help from a superstar DJ!

Interview: Robert Harris

Best-selling novelist and former journalist ROBERT HARRIS tells NATALIE GIL what it’s like working with Roman Polanski, how he insulted Prince Phillip, and why he wishes The Tab was around when he was at Cambridge.

Interview: Bill Bryson

In an exclusive Tab interview, best-selling author BILL BRYSON tells KATIE FORSTER about his enjoyable experiences with weed, why he will never use Twitter and how Mitt Romney very nearly won him over.

Return of the Cyberbully?

Is cyber-bullying still a problem? It may be closer to home than you think. ALICE ECCLES explores.

Beard Blasts Sexist Gill

Mary Beard has received widespread support after being abused by a critic for her looks.


LENT BUMPS 2012: follow our live updates for the FINAL DAY of the competition.

Jesus v John’s LIVE

John’s have come out on top once again, beating Jesus by 19 points. Full match report to follow tonight.

Start The Carr For Jimmy As Joke Attacked

Ex Caius student and funnyman Jimmy Carr has got people fuming over the internet after he made a joke about smokers getting cancer.

“Protests Don’t Work”: Student Provokes Turmoil on TV

A Wolfson student provoked an intense backlash last week after appearing on 10 O’Clock Live claiming “Protests actually don’t work.”

Social Media Revolution?

ALI LEWIS on the dangers of confusing Facebook with real bravery.

All Adds Up For Vorderman Family

Carol Vorderman is ecstatic that her daughter Katie has been offered a place at Cambridge for next year.

Exclusive: Stephen Fry Calls Cambridge Student ‘Ignorant Fucker’

Stephen Fry has berated a Wolfson student on Twitter, before promptly deleting the post.

Tab Interview: Imogen Heap

TABATHA LEGGETT talks to the queen of social media IMOGEN HEAP about, amongst other things, wireless routers in knickers.

Twitter My Week: Jaded Third Year

MAGGIE BROWNING tells us about her Week One in our new Twitter diary.

Why Not Review: 2012 Olympic Mascots

‘Wenlock and Mandeville haven’t had a great reception since they landed on Earth and we can maybe see why, but are they really that bad?’

Status Update: Nobody Cares

Facebook just seems to give the worst people a platform to be even worse.