Warm Bodies

It ain’t no Shakespeare, but at least it’s better than Twilight, writes SHELBY WHYATT.

Alex Bower

ALEX BOWER is back with his latest column. Meet his landlord, a self-styled hip-hop terrorist whose life is one constant high.

The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part One

HARRY SHUKMAN finds all the acting and script sucked out of the new Twilight installment.

Holly’s Highlights: Week 7

HOLLY STEVENSON picks the best cultural things to do this week. This week is all about comedy gigs, vampires and celebrities in jungles.

Red Riding Hood

DOM TAYLOR has great, big eyes… All the better to see this howler of a fairy tale.

Review: HMS Pinafore

POPPY MULVANEY: ‘Bouncey’ and ‘colourful’ but ‘definitely of the amateur variety’.

Preview: Films of 2010

ROB BROWN takes an objective look at this year’s heavy hitters.

Review: Daybreakers

Too many sub-plots and a knock-off Edward Cullen spoil all the fun for CHLOE MASHITER.

It’s Funny Because It’s Facebook

Way more interesting than your average ‘I-lost-my-phone-in-Revs’ groups. Join at your own risk.