Holly’s Highlights: Week 2

Flat-cap flaunting? Vintage-clothes wearing? Martini-craving? Boy, has Culture Editor HOLLY STEVENSON got some cultural highlights for you.

Spooks: An Obituary

SHAUN LU eulogises about the spy drama.

The X Factor USA

NICK MORRISON follows Simon Cowell across the Atlantic.

Holly’s Highlights: Week 0

Fancy doing something cultural to balance out your Freshers’ Week binge? Check out Culture Editor HOLLY STEVENSON’s guide to what’s on this week.


ANDREW BIDEN isn’t Gleeking out. Yet.

Reality-Soap Stars Hit Cambridge For Freshers’

Freshers’ Week will be overrun with reality TV stars this year, with the Union hosting stars of Made In Chelsea and Arg from TOWIE DJing at Life.

Simon Page

SIMON PAGE rediscovers his love of the Internet, after a visit to the tip.

Sidney Students Face TV Fines

Students at Sidney have been caught watching TV without a license and could face court and a fine of up to £1,000.

Existentialism? Exterminate!

A Cambridge boffin claims Daleks are one of the most terrifying villains because of they represent a moral philosophy of pure evil.

Interview: Robert Bathurst

‘I lied at my Cambridge interview, saying I wanted to be a barrister. I reckoned that if I said I wanted to be an actor they’d quickly show me the door.’ HOLLY STEVENSON talks to ROBERT BATHURST, best known as ‘David from Cold Feet’ and the ‘seedy old widow’ in Downton Abbey.

Tab Interview: Jake Humphrey

‘There were vending machines distributing condoms instead of toothbrushes.’ HOLLY STEVENSON speaks to BBC presenter and Formula 1 anchor JAKE HUMPHREY.

Robert Smith: Armchair Critic

Stuck in scheduling hell, our Armchair Critic turns to the US and the fourth season of Mad Men.

Robert Smith: Armchair Critic

Jonathan Ross, Mitchell and Webb, and everything inbetween are under the scrutiny of our Armchair Critic this week.

Junior Apprentice: The Real Deal

JACK NUGENT looks at the effect that ‘Junior Apprentice’ is having on work experience placements.

Review and EXCLUSIVE Interview: Iron Chef

KING EGGMISTRESS talks to Iron Chef presenter Olly Smith about touching Anne Robinson’s breasts – ‘a truly magnificent rack’.

Review: BBC Three

After escaping the BBC cuts unscathed, JENNA CORDEROY looks at the shows that make it such a valuable public service for procrastination.

Review: Nurse Jackie

For GRACE RIGG Nurse Jackie isn’t half as dark or funny as it thinks it is.

Review: Trash vs. Class

Trash vs. Class returns with a battle between Freud and a horde of orange skinned slutty Mums.

Review: The Wild Places of Essex

Essex girl JENNA CORDEROY is less than impressed with the patronising Robert Frost-alike presenter of this unusal nature show.

Review: Trash vs. Class

RORY ATTWOOD and CHLOE MASHITER give us Don Draper vs Danny Dyer in this week’s Trash vs Class.