House Coming Home

Selwyn have announced that everyone’s favourite grumpy doctor is getting an honorary fellowship.

Charlie Lyons Hits Big Time

Familiar Cantab Charlie Lyons has become huge and is now the star of car commercial.

The Truth of Top Gear

Is there a darker side to the thrill of the politically incorrect?

Holly’s Highlights: Week 1

After a week of being distracted by totty, HOLLY STEVENSON finds new ways to distract herself.


LUCY MUSSELWHITE sees Basil the Great Mouse Detective make his small screen debut.

Desperate Scousewives

Ey, ey, ey, LUCY MUSSELWHITE is frustrated, but she’s tryin’ to calm down, calm down, calm down.

Holly’s Highlights: Week 8

It’s week 8 – you’ve made it! Culture Editor HOLLY STEVENSON is here to guide you around the best events of the week, and give you a celebratory pat on the back.

Pan Am

HENRY COOKSEY looks for his nearest emergency exit.

Holly’s Highlights: Week 7

HOLLY STEVENSON picks the best cultural things to do this week. This week is all about comedy gigs, vampires and celebrities in jungles.

Life’s Too Short

NICK MORRISON wonders why Warwick Davis, having single-handedly brought down Vader, can’t carry his own sitcom.

Holly’s Highlights: Week 6

In an attempt to counter act the Week 6 munchies, HOLLY STEVENSON is walking, cycling and jogging around Cambridge to find cultural things to do.

Is TV The New Film?

HARRY SHUKMAN asks Band of Brothers and Pacific creator BRUCE MCKENNA why the small screen beats the silver screen.

Top 5: Forgotten ’90s Kids Shows

Come and play with ANDREW BIDEN as he takes a trip down memory lane.

Holly’s Highlights: Week 5

Nursing a Dirty Double-related hangover, Culture Editor HOLLY STEVENSON feeds you the comforting soup of Culture as Week 5 hits.


FRANCES DOCX was caught in a lightening storm and got this power where she could write well good reviews.


LEO PARKER-REES is turned off by a drama that misses the point of television.

Top 5: Friends Cameos

No one told NICK MORRISON that life was gonna be this way.

Holly’s Highlights: Week 4

HOLLY STEVENSON rounds up the best of cultural things to do this week, whilst hunting for a turnip, fake blood, and the most hideous tie in existence.

Debate: Sexy at Sixty?

Is ageism is ever acceptable? Is it ever okay to see over-60s simulating sex on morning television?

Derren Brown: The Assassin

SHAUN LU looks into Derren Brown’s eyes. Not around the eyes, just into the eyes, and he’s under.