trenton oldfield

Troubled Trenton Takes on Colonialist Cambridge…Again

“Colonialism and Racism” evident in Caesarian Sunday costumes says publishing company run by Trenton Oldfield.

Blades Of Glory?

The Varsity Boat Race is mired in controversy for the second year running, as early reports suggest foul play.

Trenton Going to Jail

Trenton Oldfield has been sentenced to 6 months in jail for disrupting the boat race.

UPDATE Trenton Pleads Not Guilty

The boat race swimmer is in court today.

Top Of The League And Having A Laugh

Cambridge has smashed its rivals, topping the Guardian’s University league tables for the second year.

Bonkers Bone To Block Bumps

2000 anarchists are due to descend on the May Bumps next month in protest of Mr ASBO’s move.

Up The Thames Without A Paddle

JOE BATES and MICHAEL ALHADEFF consider impact of Trenton Oldfield on us, the transnational-corpo-aristocratic ruling class.