Lexi Abrams

LEXI ABRAMS on the student protest: “most were just using the protest as an excuse to sack off a day of work and have fun”.

Review: BBC Three

After escaping the BBC cuts unscathed, JENNA CORDEROY looks at the shows that make it such a valuable public service for procrastination.

Review: Trash vs. Class

Trash vs. Class returns with a battle between Freud and a horde of orange skinned slutty Mums.

Review: Trash vs. Class

RORY ATTWOOD and CHLOE MASHITER give us Don Draper vs Danny Dyer in this week’s Trash vs Class.

Review: Sun, Sex and Holiday Madness

ROB SMITH enjoys this flimsy excuse to look at Sun, Syphilis and Al Fresco Cunnilingus.

Review: Trash vs. Class

ROB SMITH offers us the best Trashy and Classy TV from the coming week.