Hiding from the law

Idk even know what I’m doing any more

So Long, Farewell, (German Goodbye), Goodbye!


Best bogs: Cambridge Spoons tops toilet competition

Cambridge’s Regal Wetherspoons leaves nation in awe at its lavish lavatories.

Review My Loo: The Chemistry Department

LOU ROHL reviews the Chemistry department toilets, giving them a floating 2.5 stars…

Law Loos Left Unloved

A complaint has been sent to all lawyers after students are failing to flush.

Tab Cribs: Moscow State Linguistic University

Inspired by last weekend’s international Jailbreak splurge, Tab Cribs sets up shop in Moscow. ?? ??????????? Tab Cribs!

Wank Prank At St Andrews

An official-looking sign banning masturbation has appeared in St Andrews’ university library.

The News From The Dark Blues

TIM WIGMORE talks Nazis, sex work and getting stuck in toilets in this week’s round up of news from The Other Place.

Tab Cribs: St John’s

DUNCAN MAUD tells BEN DALTON a tale of domestic bliss from his room at John’s. Just without a bidet.

Cambridge’s Best Bogs

From merry-go-round inspired loos to Cromwell’s chamberpot, GEORGIE WILLIAMS scours Cambridge for the best of the bogs.