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Former Union President admits guest sexually harassed members of the committee

There are concerns about a culture of harassment by guests at the Union

The Bicentenary Debate: Just like the good old days

Simply… ‘charming’

Tolerating the toxic lad culture of drinking societies is lazy and stupid

TIM SQUIRRELL, President of the Cambridge Union, tears into the establishment of drinking socs.

Freedom of Speech doesn’t mean you get whatever platform you want

TIM SQUIRRELL, President of the Cambridge Union, reminds us about what freedom of speech really means

Union Line-Up Revealed

Ed Byrne, Roy Hodgson, Alan Ward, and Laura Bates all grace the Chamber this Michaelmas. Oh, and they’ve even bagged the cast of Geordie Shore

Tim Squirrell – There’s nowhere like Cambridge

In his final column, TIM SQUIRRELL takes a step back and muses on the Bubble as a whole.

Tim Squirrell – Men have problems too

This week, TIM SQUIRRELL wants to broach the subject of men’s issues…

Tim Squirrell – Why do I even have to say this?

TIM SQUIRRELL is in a really bad mood because of men who act like misogynistic shitstains.

Tim Squirrell – Isolation

As exam season truly begins, TIM SQUIRRELL wants to broach the topic of isolation in Cambridge.

Tim Squirrell – I feel like a fraud

This week, TIM SQUIRRELL talks candidly about why he’s almost scared by the idea of not being depressed.

Holly Lunt – Don’t take Cambridge for granted

In her second column, HOLLY LUNT reflects on being desensitised to the beauty of Cambridge.

Tim Squirrell – Just try your best

This week, TIM SQUIRRELL plunges into the sinkhole of insatiable self-criticism.

Tim Squirrell – The Tragedy of Enthusiasm

In his first columnn, TIM SQUIRRELL regales us with his thoughts on motivation, identity and keen freshers.

Meet the Easter term Columnists

From identical twins to hilariously unique surnames, our shiny new columnists have it all…

Dr Dick: Don’t be a fucking creep

DR DICK is the Tab’s new advice columnist. This week he deals with a complete creep with delusions of romance.

Dr Dick: I Need Somebody To Love

DR. DICK is the Tab’s new advice columnist. This week he tells a lonely heart how to find love.

Dr Dick: How drunk is too drunk?

DR. DICK is the Tab’s new advice columnist. This week he answers the question: when is it not okay to sleep with someone?

Dr Dick: A load of May Balls

DR. DICK is the Tab’s new advice columnist. This week he helps a girl considering whether to offer a May Ball ticket to her not-quite-boyfriend.

Self-Harm: A Story

Tim Squirrell wants to dispel the myths and stigma surrounding the practice of self-harm (warning: this article contains subject matter that might prove traumatic to those with experience of self-harm or other mental health issues).

On a Point of Information

The only people who should be shut out of a debate are those who haven’t informed themselves, argues TIM SQUIRRELL.