theatre guide dog

Edinburgh Fringe Guide Dog

Everyone’s favourite dramatic canine has got a punning and questionable haircut and is here to teach you what Cambridge has to offer the Edinbrugh Festival Fringe.

Platinum Tabs – Guide Dog Awards Easter 2011

THE THEATRE GUIDE DOG tires of this award-giving. Take your shiny prizes and go.

Theatre Guide Dog: Week 0

Theatre’s back, and so is THE THEATRE GUIDE DOG. He spent the vacation revising biting and snarling – reader caution advised.

Platinum Tabs – Guide Dog Awards Lent 2011

THE THEATRE GUIDE DOG honours the worthiest shows and thespians of Lent 2011, as voted by you. We’ve even got a new curtain.

Golden Prigs – Guide Dog Awards Lent 2011

THE THEATRE GUIDE DOG unveils the first round of illustrious winners, each of whom receive a GOLDEN PRIG award, voted by your betters.

Theatre Guide Dog Awards Lent 2011

THE THEATRE GUIDE DOG smiles upon the successes of the past term and rewards the worthy with his official approbation. You can help him with your inferior-but-not-worthless opinions.

Theatre Guide Dog: Week 8

And now the end is near, the Guide Dog faces his final curtain. He has, and will continue to do it his way whether you like it or not.

Theatre Guide Dog: Week 7

The Theatre Guide Dog thinks this could be Cambridge drama’s lucky week. He’s been to Vegas. But dogs aren’t allowed in casinos, so make of that what you will.

Theatre Guide Dog: Week 5

Nothing makes KIERAN CORCORAN blue; not even bad theatre. See him clown his way through the week to come.

Theatre Guide Dog: Week 4

KIERAN CORCORAN casts puppy love aside to serve the dark lady of Theatre.

Theatre Sniffer Dog: Week 3

KIERAN CORCORAN has been chasing down crime, but still has some energy left for theatre.

Theatre Guide Dog: Week 2

The Theatre Guide Dog broke out of jail too, but still took the time to give you the theatre fix you crave. He’s so loyal it might as well be proverbial.

Theatre Guide Dog: Week 1

Theatre Editor KIERAN CORCORAN has some big paws to fill. Judge him as he rounds up this week’s pack of plays.

The South: Theatre Guide Fairy

As Cambridge’s very own theatre guide dog finishes his last minute shopping, the theatre fairy has arrived to sprinkle your eyes with theatrical magic from the South.

The North: Theatre Guide Monkey

Bored of spending time with the family this Christmas? Check out our theatre guide monkey’s guide of what’s on up North.

Theatre Guide Dog (Unit): Week 6

TOBY PARKER REES thought you threw the stick but really you just mimed it. And that’s Theatre too.

Theatre Guide Dog: Week 5 Blues ‘Special’

TOBY PARKER REES gives it to you straight like a pear cider made from 100% theatre guide dog.

Theatre Guide Dog: Week 4 (Halloween Special)

TOBY PARKER-REES toilet papers your house.

Theatre Guide Dog: Week 3

TOBY PARKER-REES has a play on this week, but may also mention others in passing.

Theatre Guide Dog: Week 2

TOBY PARKER-REES kicks you around like the dirty little sket you are but tells you all about the week’s theatre so it’s all ok.