The Union

Cambridge Faces

LEAF ARBUTHNOT enjoys something, but this time: it’s inedible.

In Defence of the Union

We should give The Union more credit than it gets.

The Price of Good Manners

Katie Price brings a class issue to the table.

Debate: Kahn He Speak? Kahn’t He Speak?

Should Dominique Strauss-Khan be speaking at The Union? ANNA MATHEW and former Union pres LAUREN DAVIDSON get busy.

Top Lads Dominate Union Lineup

Al Murray, Jeremy Paxman and Sir Roger Moore will feature as highlights of the Cambridge Union Society’s termcard. You heard it here first.

Reality-Soap Stars Hit Cambridge For Freshers’

Freshers’ Week will be overrun with reality TV stars this year, with the Union hosting stars of Made In Chelsea and Arg from TOWIE DJing at Life.

Ex-Tesco CEO To Talk At Union

The former CEO of Tesco will give a talk at the Union on Wednesday, just a week after riots in Bristol over the opening of a new Tesco.

Word on The Street: Julian Assange

TabTV was there to get the reactions of the guests straight out of the chamber.

Valentine’s Ball Leaves Union Broken Hearted

The Cambridge Union have replaced their annual Valentine’s Ball with a more informal event due to unusually low ticket sales.

Living On The Edge

Ratty ‘tashes at the ready: Alex Bower brings you ‘edgy’ in 7 easy steps

The Word on The Street: Porn at The Union

Watch what the people of Cambridge think about the Union’s decision to host porn stars in their prestigious chambers.

Tab Tries – Time Travel

TALIA RICHARD-CARVAJAL and MONA EBERT attempted to go a regular day as their 1961 Mad Men-inspired alter-egos, spending 24 hours(ish) without any modern technology whatsoever. Read how they got on here.

Freshers 2010: The Cambridge A-Z, Part Three

Read the final installment of The Tab’s alphabet as we teach you the Cambridge lingo.

Alternative May Week Guide

If you forgot to buy ball tickets or you’re floundering in apathy, LOTTIE UNWIN has some solutions.

Review: Pole Dancing Classes At The Union

‘I no longer idolise bleach blonde hair’ but ‘the sweaty glow and self-assurance that comes with having done a bloody good work out.’

The State of the Union

JACK RIVLIN asks why the Union is so terrified of sex.