The Junction


JOHN BARDSLEY gets ravey at Boomslang.

Holly’s Highlights: Week 1

After a week of being distracted by totty, HOLLY STEVENSON finds new ways to distract herself.

Lent Term at The Junction

Want to expand your horizons? Or just be unable to hear the next day? JOHN BARDSLEY tells you how The Junction can help.

The Darkness

COSMO GODFREE enjoys a man with his pubes on fire, despite his cardinal sin.

The Fall

COSMO GODFREE falls arse-over-tits for a deranged 54 year old and his cronies.

The Beat

COSMO GODFREE takes a history lesson in ska with the recently reformed legends of the genera. Up yours, Thatcher.

Emmy The Great

TOBY PARKER-REES is brought to his knees by a combination of archly-aerated love songs and an unfortunate venue choice.

Interview: Noah and the Whale

“I think you’re booked to do something like a ball because people might ‘know you’; whatever THAT means.” MONA EBERT talks to indie-folk cuties NOAH AND THE WHALE. In a blue leather furnished tour bus.

Noah and the Whale

MONA EBERT & ERIC HAMBRO check out Noah and the Whale: “Old debut album tracks were successfully rejuvenated, and the collective harmonies gave earlier collaborations with Laura Marling a run for their money.”


HOLLY STEVENSON: Nice band; shame about the audience.

Interview: British Sea Power

‘We sound like imperialist cunts’. STEPHEN YANG talks to self-deprecating, foliage-loving band BRITISH SEA POWER, about not going to protests and performing old Beatles’ songs to die-hard Chinese fans

British Sea Power

HOLLY STEVENSON: nice songs, shame about the static band and exceedingly long set.

Teddy Thompson

Review: HOLLY STEVENSON reviews Teddy Thompson: ‘Teddy is like Michael Buble with a dark side’.


DAVID HOLLAND reviews Feeder: ‘just a little bit better than ‘meh”.

Interview: The Hold Steady

“It’s not about fashion, or smoke and lights, it’s just about being honest.” TOM WRIGHT talks to CRAIG FINN, frontman of the ‘best bar band in the world’: aka THE HOLD STEADY.

Interview: Teddy Thompson

LAURA EDWARDS talks to singer-songwriter TEDDY THOMPSON, about the nightmare of Glastonbury, embarrassing parents, and desert island discs.

The Go! Team

JENNA CORDEROY on how The Go! Team kept everyone in a continual state of groove.

Justin Currie

JENNA CORDEROY: feared that the performance would be more like listening to Magic FM, but was proved wrong by Justin Currie.

Interview: Miles Jupp

AMY JEFFS talks to comedian MILES JUPP- aka ‘Archie from Balamory’- about his new tour, having a family, and being more English than anyone could possibly expect. And destroys her childhood memories while doing it.

Wolfson Howler with Rob Rouse

Alternative vibes and pangs of apprehension don’t stop The Howler reigning supreme for SOPHIE BAUER.