Image Unconscious

SIMON BAJKOWSKI doesn’t care about dodgy sponorship, and nor should you.

Revealed: How We Hoaxed TCS

We’ve done over The Sun and the BNP, but ALASDAIR PAL’s TCS gem from February has never been revealed. Until now…

Medics Revue

Commissioned by TCS who then refused to print his review, LAURIE COLDWELL feels his experience at the Medics Revue is one that needs to be shared.

T C mesS: Union Paper Pulled After CUSU Cock-up

Amid accusations of censorship, illegality and CUSU meddling the union-run newspaper TCS was unable to be printed on time this week.

The Race Is On

LOTTIE UNWIN warns Varsity and TCS to prepare for Failbreak

Your Week Revealed…

The Tab’s resident mystic tells you what’s in your stars this week.