Tab TV

TabTV Inside: Caesarian Sunday

TabTV’s HUNTER ALLEN and NICK HARRIS venture inside the belly of the beast…

Cambridge Cribs: Julius Handler, Churchill

This week’s episode takes us to the Crib of Julius, a man a bit out of his time.

Cambridge Cribs: Hunter Allen, Fitz

In this week’s episode of Cambridge Cribs, Hunter Allen (6′4″) shows off his room, the smallest in Fitz.

The Lola Lo Down – Refreshers

New term, same drunk students. The Lola Lo Down is back.


“‘Mein Hair’, a song about pubic hair, works spectacularly, as does the ‘Freudian strip’…” It’s not flawless, writes FRANCES DOCX, but it’s way above baverage.

Staircase Sessions: Chris Scott

TabTV met up with acoustic guitar hero Chris Scott. See what happened here.

Tab Trains: Cane Fighting

Sports Editor RUPERT MERCER has a go at Cane Fighting, in Tab Trains this week. Turns out it hurts.

Tab Trials: Blues Football

The Tab catches up with fresh talent at the Blues football trials, and send our own man down to put the hopefuls through their paces.

Word on the Street: Lord Sainsbury

Lord Sainos is the new top dog in Cambridge. We went to one of his many houses to see what people thought about the result.

TabLash: Dares and Scares

A night of knicker-stealing, nonsense and nudity. The Tab kicked off the year in full glory at Hidden Rooms.

TabTV: Magdalene’s Record Breaker

We watch Magdalene student Sarah Greasley break 6 world records to raise money for charity.

Varsity Football – The Video

Watch last week’s Varsity Match in full online, for the first time ever.

Word on The Street: Julian Assange

TabTV was there to get the reactions of the guests straight out of the chamber.

Freshers 2010: The Cambridge A-Z, Part Three

Read the final installment of The Tab’s alphabet as we teach you the Cambridge lingo.

TABTV: Crossbar Challenge

The Tab’s Crossbar Challenge challenges Downing to hit the crossbar.

Naked News

Cambridge students present a round-up of the news in the buff.

TABTV: Spoons Stories (Aggro Count)

TabTV braves a lairy Saturday night outside Weatherspoons.

TABTV: Meet Lib Dem Leader Clegg

Nick Clegg, leader of the Lib Dems, took time out of his busy schedule to talk to The Tab about his time in Cambridge and his views on the tabloid press.

TABTV: Meet Blueprint

Cambridge’s original boy band grants Tab TV an exclusive interview

TABTV: Private Blueprint Serenade

Cambridge’s ‘original boy band’, Blueprint, give an exclusive performance for The Tab.