tab tries

Tab Tries: Working in a Sex Shop

ROSA ROBSON uses The Tab as an excuse to flex her voyeuristic muscles and venture into the secretive world of ‘the sex shop’.

Tab Tries: The Royal Wedding Drinking Game

Once again, The Tab got drunk in the name of journalism. This time we had flags, Pimms, Tuxedos and Hats.

Tab Tries: Take Me Out

We take part in Take Me Out for charity

Tab Tries: Open Mic

Despite being comprehensively stumped by bar chords, EVIE PRICHARD tries open mic at Emma.

Best Comments: Week Six

Simon Cowell shares his judgement on breakdancing and someone reveals that rowing is really all about rubbing eachother with bovril in this week’s best comments

Tab Tries: Breakdancing

OSCAR WILLIAMS-GRUT tests his street cred when he tries to have a dance-off with group Sin Cru.

Tab Tries: Online Dating

This Christmas holiday ANNA SHEINMAN spent a month looking for love online. Instead she found chili peppers, terrorists and “female manual stimulation”.

Best Comments: RAG Special

In the biggest edition of Best Comments ever, The Tab brings you the best of Week 2, Jailbreak participants and RAG blind date entries.