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Michaelmas Columnists 2014 Revealed

Cantabrigians, please, welcome to the stage this term’s Tab columnists: Adrian, Charlotte, Ellie and Milo!

Will-ett’s Quite a Punishment for Student Activism!

Cambridge Defend Education members Jessica O’Driscoll-Breen and Conrad Landin fined £20 each by the Cambridge Union Society

Meet Your Lent 2014 Columnists

All be standing: the LENT 2014 columnists have finally arrived! Stop blub-mourning the end of Sherlock and welcome your new playmates with open arms and fervent heart. Best columnists ever in the world or your money back.


They’ve arrived: the new Tab columnists for this term.

Sophie Thorpe

SOPHIE THORPE addresses her anonymous commenters in her last ever column.