Snog Thy Neighbour

To feel squeamish about PDA is pointless repression: away with it!

Are Swaps Sexist?

Lets face it: swaps are about sex. But that doesn’t mean they are sexist.

The Life of a Drinking Society President

May Week might mean garden parties and balls for you, but for a drinking society president, it means organising a whole lot of initiations. PENNY ROBERTSON, president of The Thunderbirds gives us her verdict.

Tab Talks to The Mahal

ALI LEWIS talks to the people in charge of the oh-so-civilised establishment that is The Mahal.

Parvizi Eats: The Mahal

BAYAN PARVIZI joins the rest of the Tab team for a quiet meal at the epicentre of neocolonial fuckwittery.

Your Week Revealed…

The Tab’s resident mystic delivers another round of scarily-accurate premonitions.