Why #MeToo matters for all of us

Especially in Cambridge

Cambridge students launch app to organise swaps

Swap Trumps is like Tinder for your squad

Let’s talk class at Cambridge

If the height of persecution for public school boys is a satirical article in The Tab, then that might be part of the problem

JOHN’S BOYS EXPOSED: “Fine if you’ve tried having sex with a passed out girl”

Accusations of an “old school, elitist Cambridge” culture are rocking the college

How cringe is YOUR drinking society name?

Face it, they’re all pretty bad

Blame will get us nowhere

Ambiguity, swaps, and the blame game.

Tab Tries: Being Stoned On A Swap

MARIA-JUANA MONTEZ tries to elevate her swapping experience by going on a swap stoned.

Student Left Unconscious After Late Night Attack

Tuesday night followed the regular pattern of many a Cambridge evening until one student was left on the ground, unconscious, with cuts to the face. JOE WHITWELL Reports.

A Corpus Clockwork Orange

A revelatory swap report from a particularly sinister drinking society

Drinking Soc Secrets Revealed

Think all drinking society guys are wankers? Let’s dispel some myths.


Cambridge’s most illustrious swap venue may have served students for the last time.

Outsider In Cambridge

It’s only when our family come to visit that we realise just how strange Cambridge is, says MOLLIE WINTLE…

The Tattler

The Chinos for Chavs Foundation: will you join the Tattler’s fight for a better-dressed society?

Are Swaps Sexist?

Lets face it: swaps are about sex. But that doesn’t mean they are sexist.

Offer: Curry King

5 Jordans Yard, off Bridge Street
01223 324351

Uncle A: Being A Lad

UNCLE A gives his advice for organising swaps and being a massive lad.

‘I Love College’: The Drinking Game

Get a plentiful supply of your chosen tipple, spread a tarpaulin across your chosen drinking arena, and let KATIE MAIR teach you how to play the I Love College drinking game.

The Life of a Drinking Society President

May Week might mean garden parties and balls for you, but for a drinking society president, it means organising a whole lot of initiations. PENNY ROBERTSON, president of The Thunderbirds gives us her verdict.

Fancy Dress Sorted

Freshers, been invited to join the hallowed elite of your college’s drinking society? Or has a friend just come up with a uniquely uninteresting birthday party theme? Let LAURA DENNEHY teach you Fancy Dress 101.

Alternative Swap Locations

“Formals are fun, there ain’t no place quite like Mahal, and I love the Bun Shop, but we’ve seen it all before.” MAUD DROMGOOLE suggests some new swapping locations.