A Summer of Racism

The past few months have been… a lot

I’ve never been as bored as I am right now

Get me back to Cambridge ASAP

Students descend on Sidney gardens for decadence and excess

Much alcohol, very May Week.

PUNT WARS: Battle of the barge poles

The next chapter in the Cambridge ‘Punt Wars’ saga has emerged, with human rights and civil liberties now being invoked.

Trinity fire brigade to extinguish river spectators of May Ball fireworks show

May Ball committee plans to erect fountains to drench and protect spectators

Cambridge RAG ft. Mount Kilimanjaro

On September 3rd 2015, I boarded a 12 hour flight to Tanzania to take on the challenge of climbing Mount Kilimanjaro.

Bring on uni, the summer has ruined my sex life

I flew the nest for a reason

How to convince everyone that you’ve found yourself this summer

For when a few heavily filtered instagrams and some harem pants just isn’t enough.

Top 9 places to revise in Cambridge

Excluding libraries…

Sex(ism) on the Beach

Closet misogynists, look away now.

Tips from an insider: Cambridge in the summer

I did not bribe her to talk to me. I did not bribe her.

The arseholes you’ll come across this term

You’re guaranteed to meet them all, promise

Apply to be Tab Editor

Get those applications in

Tab Exclusive: Strawberries and Creem Festival 2015

Got plans for 11th June? You do now.

Cambridge’s Most Eligible Couple

These two love birds are the product of The Tab’s ‘Eligible’ franchise. But did Cambridge’s most photogenic undergraduates find true love?

Where not to go this summer

Think your summer is going to be anticlimactic? Don’t worry, says ELOISE DAVIES. It could be so much worse.

Tab Reviews: Cambridge’s Affordable Vintage Fair

MARIELLA SALAZAR was only mildly impressed with this May’s Cambridge’s Affordable Vintage Fair.

Album Review: Chromeo – White Women

The Funk Lordz are back, looking to perk us up with some deliciously sultry tunes

Go Wild – Fashion Shoot

Animal prints are back with a vengeance and the ladies wearing them aren’t taking any of your shit.

Fix Up, Look Smart

For this photoshoot, Tab Fashion fixes up and looks smart with Spring/Summer 2014’s latest trends.