student fees

Vice-Chancellor reassures EU nationals in the face of Article 50

He aimed to calm fears over fee rises and residency rights

Why I handed the Union a giant cheque for ‘Sod All’

JESSICA O’DRISCOLL-BREEN explains her motivations for taking part in CDE’s notoriously angry protests.

A.C. FAILING: Prof’s college only for Toffs.

Philosopher’s college faces embarrassment as majority of places go to private school kids.

Provost Pins King’s Slip on Protests

The Provost of King’s College has blamed a drop in grades last year on students attending protests against Government fee hikes.

Admissions Roulette Leaves Russian Reeling

Desipte being predicted top marks in his IB exams, a Russian asylum seeker has been refused funding for Cambridge Uni next year.

It’s The News!

Feeling the Week 4 apathy? So. Am. I.