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Compensation for strike action demanded by Cambridge students

Strikes have caused rising feeling that students deserve reimbursement for their missed hours

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BREAKING: Pensions dispute settled

Despite opposition from the Cambridge UCU branch

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Have the student left become more unsettling than the right?

Despite the prevalence of student activism lately, most students are still disengaged

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BREAKING: Cambridge UCU votes to reject strike settlement

The vote was nearly unanimous

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UCU and UUK in talks over potential pensions agreement: temporary stalling or a long term solution?

UCU members still need to approve the settlement

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UCU Strikes: Students Rally outside Senate House

Students are not happy with the Vice-Chancellor, Stephen Toope…

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Pinning strikers and homeless against each other makes no sense

Let’s not forget who the true dickhead here is

University staff strike during Open Day

Members of the Cambridge division of UCU went on strike last Thursday in protest of increasing staff workloads and the gender pay gap at the university.

The war on junior doctors is stupid, unfair, and utterly misguided

The cynical attempt to paint hard working junior doctors as cash obsessed “moet medics” is everything that’s wrong with this government

No exams?! Lecturers to vote on strike action

If lecturers vote to strike over their pensions deal, exams could be cancelled this Easter

Strikes? Give me a break

After one too many days off, SEB DAY is tired of university staff striking.