Society Spy

Undercover With The Adonian Society

As homosexual scandal returns to the Tories this week, we look back at The Tab’s investigation into the secretive society which dare not speak its name…

Society Spy: Steamin and a Rollin

Trainspotting: minus the drug habit and the incomprehensible Scots dialect.

Society Spy: It’s Grim Up North

…Or not. The Society Spies infiltrate the North Society and address the North-South divide.

Society Spy: Sheila and Her Dog

The Society Spies go back to (primary) school.

Society Spy: Treasure Trap

Dungeons, dragons, drunkards and damsels in distress: The Treasure Trap Society.

Society Spy: You Spin Me Right Round Baby

Grab a partner and join the Round, Cambridge’s Folk Dancing Soc. Yes.

Society Spy: Ghost Busters

The spies join the Ghost Club to investigate Cambridge’s supernatural scene