Does the state vs private school divide still matter at Cambridge?

Perhaps less so than you might think

The Pains of Being a (Cambridge) Wallflower

Who needs social skills anyway?

Life After Cambridge: Part Two

This week, IZZY PRITCHARD celebrates the redemptive powers of sensible shoes, and negotiates post-grad, chat-based interaction. She survives, just about.

Sex and the Univer(City)

ROSA ROBSON talks about what being Carrie Bradshaw is like, and reveals whether your university years are best spent single.

Jonny Walker

JONNY WALKER is competent at the overwhelming majority of things he attempts to do. And, he’s going to tell you how he manages this…

Where Are All The Attendees?

Attending seven different Christmas events on Facebook before the end of term? EREN KILICH tells you not to be such a filthy liar.