Snow Holds Barred At Freshers Fair

The Varsity Ski Trip hit the Freshers’ Fair hard, enticing in new blood with a 30-tonne slope made of real snow.

It’s A Cold Snap: Winner Announced

The wait is over! Here are the results of The Tab’s competition to find the best shot of the festive snow.

All They Want for Christmas Is A Plane Back Home

Jesus College Choir is still hoping for a Christmas miracle after the cancellation of their flight from Washington has left them stuck in the USA.

Ice, Snow and Rail

MONA EBERT: “After you’ve been harassed, shoeless, kettled in like student protesters for hours and had to watch a mother drink her own breast milk, you begin to wonder why you bothered at all.”

King’s Chapel Roof

Art Historian Lara Prendergast is caught on the roof of King’s College Chapel in this striking photo.
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Cambridge Snow

Cambridge Chaos: Swine To Blame

Chaos in Cambridge as snow – and a herd of pigs – shuts down transport

Let It Snow

Review: Weather Chaos

GEORGE OSBORN reviews a key location in the travel chaos hitting our fair isles