Simon Cowell

Boris St. Johnson Breaks His Silence

Boris St. Johnson speaks out about his controversial three years at Cambridge…

UPDATE: Truly Medley Deeply Do Britain’s Got Talent

Cambridge rising stars Truly Medley Deeply are set to give a stellar performance on Britain’s Got Talent tonight.

X Factor: All Image, No Talent?

This year’s X Factor has seen real talent replaced by average singers, channeling some very odd looks.

The X Factor USA

NICK MORRISON follows Simon Cowell across the Atlantic.

Britain’s Got More Entertaining

SIMON BAJKOWSKI muses on the changing face of Britain’s Got Talent, suggesting that since this series runs off the back of an oh-so-familiar precedent, the post-modern viewer requires something different from the BGT experience. Enter Messrs McIntyre and Hoff.

Best Comments: Week Six

Simon Cowell shares his judgement on breakdancing and someone reveals that rowing is really all about rubbing eachother with bovril in this week’s best comments

The X Factor Obsession

With 19 million people still watching, and Indiana Jones theme tunes still playing, GILLIAN WHITTAKER asks, when will it end?

Tab Interview: The Saturdays

HOLLY STEVENSON talks to The Saturdays’ Mollie King about the X Factor, song writing and the genius of Britney Spears.

Review: I Heart Louie Sandys

ANGELA LIU: ‘Do see it if you LOL at seeing someone’s trousers fall down. Expect echoes of The Inbetweeners, Date Movie, and The Human Centipede.’

I’m a Celebrity…Get Me Insurance!

MAX DURSTON waxes lyrical about strange celebrity insurance policies, from Ugly Betty’s teeth to J-Lo’s bum.

Review: Britain’s Got Talent

RAYMOND LI picks out the best and worst of Britain’s Got Talent.

Tab Rates vs. Tab Slates: The Noughties

The success stories, the failures and the things we’d like to see die out: the decade that was.

All I Want For Christmas is: an end to the shallow, image-obsessed, X-Factor culture

JACK RIVLIN: Why I’m backing Rage Against The Machine for Christmas number 1, even though I hate their music.

X Factor Bitch

One of the few programmes to burst into the bubble, X Factor Bitch gives her lowdown on this year’s big personalities.