Sian Docksey

Carpet Diem

HUNTER ALLEN is thoroughly amused by a 3-star show with one 5-star act.

SCA Corpus Smoker

ZOE DAVIGNON is generally delighted by exam term humour and Tab bashing at the SCA Smoker.

Sian and Zoe’s Bubblegum Party

Throw enough comedic material at an audience and some of it is bound to stick, writes HANNAH MIRSKY.


“‘Mein Hair’, a song about pubic hair, works spectacularly, as does the ‘Freudian strip’…” It’s not flawless, writes FRANCES DOCX, but it’s way above baverage.

Ken Kardashian

TOMMY SHANE spent the night with the crème de la crème of Cambridge comedy talent.

Look Back in Anger

CATHERINE AIREY isn’t looking back in anger.


JAMES MACNAMARA is left in two states of mind over a play that addresses the fallout of British Imperialism in the Middle East.

Comedy SlutFest

Theatre Editor KIERAN CORCORAN meets funny feminists, and reacts with the appropriate joy. It was even for a good cause.

The Fo’Show: Recording at Gardies

JUDITH FAGELSON tastes nothing of the amateur in this light hearted and witty radio feast.