self harm

New Beginnings

SMALL STEPS gives us a brief insight into the mind of a depressive

Tim Squirrell – Men have problems too

This week, TIM SQUIRRELL wants to broach the subject of men’s issues…

Self-Harm: A Story

Tim Squirrell wants to dispel the myths and stigma surrounding the practice of self-harm (warning: this article contains subject matter that might prove traumatic to those with experience of self-harm or other mental health issues).

Mind Over Matter

Exam term dragging you down? Past sufferer JIN warns of the dangers of a negative mindset, and points out an alternative way of breaking the cycle.

Talk to Tim about Depression

It’s Mental Health Week and TIM SQUIRRELL wants to get us all talking about depression.

My Own Bell Jar

JAMES EVANS explores his experiences of suffering from depression in Cambridge.

Self Harm: My Experience

A glimpse into the secret, unspoken world of self harming at Cambridge…