When Schubert Met Sodium

Cool chemist SIMON PAGE finds out how we can overcome the arts/science divide.

The Physicists

Theatre Editor KIERAN CORCORAN carries out a controlled investigation of a play which, despite a standout performance, is ultimately blinded by its own science.

Watson His Mind?

Co-discoverer of DNA, Prof. James Watson, will face protests from students when he returns to Cambridge this week for his controversial views

Asians Crown Jules (Huppert)

Cambridge MP Huppert picks up an award from an unlikely source for being one of the most “refreshing and energetic” people in politics.

Wong To Team Up With Huppert

Cambridge MP Julian Huppert hopes to leave student dissatisfaction behind him when he appears on BBC show Bang Goes The Theory.

Resolution Next Year

EMILY GARSIDE walked through the doors of her local gym on the 2nd of January, and heard the slim blonde receptionist turn to her colleague and say: ‘Give it two weeks before they all give up’.

Tab Interview: Colin Fry

Philosopher TABATHA LEGGETT quizzes TV medium COLIN FRY. It doesn’t end well…

“Bunsens not Bombs” Say Boffins

Top Cambridge Scientists call for cuts to military spending.

Cambridge Microscope Set For World Domination

The Titan microscope will help to provide breakthroughs in medical research relating to Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s.

The Purrfect Protest?

MAX FOREMAN on why animal rights protesters should reconsider their cause.

Debate: Are Arts Degrees Worth It?

MAX FOREMAN and OLIVIA ANNESS on the science/arts degree debate.

Cambridge in solar car crisis

The Cambridge team in a race for solar cars across Australia have failed in their quest for glory.

£46 million but still no sports centre

Cambridge University will spend £46 million on a new science building, despite telling students it cannot afford to provide them with sports facilities.

Darwin and Sexy Bristol Blondes

Darwin spent time researching whether blondes were more attractive than brunettes