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Easter = Bak 2 Skl

#take me back

REVIEW: Girls Like That

“The problem with girls like that is they give all girls a bad name.” Well not these girls. These girls absolutely smashed it.

Being sexually experimented on sucks

Cambridge is a time to explore – but don’t be a dick about it

The ‘base’ sex system is really screwed up

A hole’s a hole

Did you go to a state school?

A comprehensive student in crisis? PAIGE SMEATON will let you in on a secret

Hit-and-Punt Shunt

The river yobs strike again as a child’s finger is broken on the Cam. LOUIS DURKAN reports.

The Lola Lo Down – School Dayz

Now that you’re all grown up, what do you remember about your time at school? CHLOE HARRIS finds out.

Harmless Competition

FELIX NUGEE thinks we shouldn’t shy away from competitive sport.

Take Your Class War Elsewhere

Cärlchen Jupp on why Ian Bone’s protest is little more than a load of hot air.

Does Oxbridge Deserve You?

JAMES ABBOTT-THOMPSON tells you why Oxbridge are getting too big for their boots.

The Trouble with Teaching to the Test

How faculties can help bridge the gap between A Levels and Cambridge.

Money Survey: Part 1

Find out what the average Cambridge student does with their wallet, using YOUR results…

The Horrors of Teen Sex

All this talk of sex has left EMILIE FERRIS scarred.

Fancy Dress Sorted

Freshers, been invited to join the hallowed elite of your college’s drinking society? Or has a friend just come up with a uniquely uninteresting birthday party theme? Let LAURA DENNEHY teach you Fancy Dress 101.

Rampant Freshism

Little fresher LYDIA MORRIS-JONES reveals the bitchy bullying that is inflicted on new arrivals.

A Welcome To The A* Freshers

Congratulations from The Tab to all those who made their grades today.