Saul Boyer


LEYLA LESNIAREK-HAMID and CHLOE COLEMAN are wowed by the first 5-star production of the year.

Six Characters in Search of an Author

BECCA CLAYTON is moved by this strange and original play that blurs the lines between theatre and real life.

Woody Allen’s Riverside Drive

MATTHEW WOLFSON is charmed by a performance you can “get lost in”.

Tab Tries: Cheerleading

Saul Boyer tries jumps, leaps and pom poms with the Cougars, Cambridge’s Cheerleading Squad.

Burnt by the Sun

AMI JONES finds this play just little bit too Muller-lite.

Footlights Spring Revue: Donors

(2 + 4)/2 = 3. If you aren’t a mathmo, you’ll need to read on to work out what editor KIERAN CORCORAN means.

A Children’s Guide to the Birth of Christ

AMI JONES is brought right back to her school days. And no, not in a bad way.