Rupert Murdoch

Pravda: a mixed response

ABBI BROWN AND WILF GENEST are impressed by some elements of a play which doesn’t quite meet its full potential.

Interview: Lord Puttnam

“As much as I adore women, I’ve never understood them.” WILL STINSON has a chat with the effervescent mega-producer LORD PUTTNAM.

Lament for The End of the World

“The overwhelming fact remains that some people at NotW at some points did things which no newspaper should ever do.”

Vince Unable

TOM MOULE: “Vince was no longer Britain’s golden boy, and his recent antics have left many people wondering why on earth he was ever front-runner in the race to become Chancellor of the Exchequer.”

Down It Fresher

Drinking Socities: shrouded in mystery and certainly bad for your health.