Rob Young

James Mitchell

Old man about town JAMES MITCHELL kicks off his brand new column.

Matt Cardle

Everyone’s favourite sex god is back. No, it’s not TABATHA LEGGETT, it’s only MATT BLOODY CARDLE!

Columnists Revealed – Lent 2012

Time to find out the names you’ve all been waiting for…

Could this be ‘Made in Cambridge’?

Move over Made in Chelsea, Cambridge could be getting its own reality TV show!

Pan Am

HENRY COOKSEY looks for his nearest emergency exit.


FRANCES DOCX was caught in a lightening storm and got this power where she could write well good reviews.

Top 5: Friends Cameos

No one told NICK MORRISON that life was gonna be this way.

Derren Brown: The Assassin

SHAUN LU looks into Derren Brown’s eyes. Not around the eyes, just into the eyes, and he’s under.

Spooks: An Obituary

SHAUN LU eulogises about the spy drama.

The X Factor USA

NICK MORRISON follows Simon Cowell across the Atlantic.


SOPHIE “dour” BAUER gives reserved approval to a technically shaky but charming musical.

The Fo’Show: Recording at Gardies

JUDITH FAGELSON tastes nothing of the amateur in this light hearted and witty radio feast.

Books to Read by The Pool

Tab writers’ favourite reads for a long, hot afternoon. Pina Colada optional.

Review: Magpie and Stump Comedy Night

ALEX HUGHES recommends a cheap and cheerful Sunday night.